Butler Watch Company

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  • Our Vision

    Butler Watch Company provides quality products for people concerned about value. We endeavor to create elegant watches with function and utility for daily use. Our design process is guided by a commitment to the lifestyle of the wearer. Since inception, our intention is to offer affordable luxury watches to the consumer.

    Watchmaking and Aviation share similar principles of existence. Both require attention to detail and precision engineering. Butler Watch Company recognizes and celebrates the effort of specialized professionals who are dedicated to their respective craft.

    Butler Watch

    Butler Watch Company's beginning is traced back to 2006, when a professional pilot, also a designer, found inspiration to design watches while away from home and working his flight schedule. Like countless other pilots, he is drawn to the beautiful wristwatches of the world as both a fan of mechanical things, and an aficionado of artistic form. Intrigue and captivation exist in the miniature machines that are worn on the wrist.

    Armed with purpose and a desire to create something meaningful, Butler Watch Company took shape in 2010. Partnering with Swiss Watchmakers, Butler Watch Company enjoys the high standard of excellence known throughout the world as the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

    Giving Back

    Butler Watch Company understands the importance of community involvement, including fostering the development of today's youth. We are proud to contribute a portion of proceeds to aviation and engineering youth development programs, as well as local youth organizations.

    Thank You

    Thank you for visiting our website. Butler Watch Company is inspired by our customers and their feedback. Please, contact us with any comments or questions about our products.

Salute to Aviation

The founder's story may be uniquely his, but the narrative is like many other professionals involved in various aspects of the aviation community.

His youth was spent in Southern California building model airplanes with his brother and dreaming of flight.  At age 12, his family took a trip to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. While walking on a street near the airport, a Boeing 727 flew just overhead on approach to landing. It was low, loud, and absolutely thrilling to experience. Just then, knowing the dream in his son's head, his Dad looked down at him and emphatically said,    "Do it, Son!"  

Traveling around the world, one finds numerous people who exhibit devotion and dedication to their respective careers with youthful enthusiasm. There is comradery among aviation personnel and a passion that drives them to do their job well. Butler Watch Company salutes these people and we are proud to associate our product with the romance and wonder of aviaton. — People make it possible.   Read more